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Q: Do I need to include my home movies in the public domain on the Internet Archive and in order to participate in the project?

A: Yes, some exceptions can be made for certain collections. If you’re not sure please contact us.

Q: By participating in Memories to Light: Asian American Home Movies, am I surrendering my rights to my personal home movies?

A: Absolutely not. You will always own the copyright to your own home movies. Throughout the project they will remain your property, not ours.

Q: Is CAAM or the Internet Archive going to sell my footage without my permission?

A: No. Our role is simply to collect home movies for the purpose of making them available for viewing to the public in a streaming only format. If anyone wants to use any part of your footage we will facilitate communication with you, the film donor, and the interested party.

Q: There are some scenes in my footage that I don’t want the public to see. Can I get those edited out before they are available to the public?

A: Yes. CAAM can edit out any footage that you are uncomfortable sharing with the public. CAAM will also show you your footage before it is made available online.