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A Conscious Verse in Diversity: Exclusive Chat with “Master of None” Co-creator Alan Yang

“We want it to feel as much as possible like you’re having dinner with your friends and they’re saying thoughtful things. It was very, very important to us that the show didn’t become an after school special and we’re telling you how to think and patting ourselves on the back for being so progressive and interesting. It’s a comedy, it’s the thing that makes it go down a little easier.”

Off the Menu: Asian America

SCREENINGS Off the Menu: Asian America is available on DVD from the PBS online shop. TV broadcast begins December 8, 2015. Download the TV schedule here or check…

CAAM and AAJA Live Screening Winners Announced

Angela Sun, Phil Yu and Sonia Narang will present their projects at a live screening at the AAJA national convention on August 12, sponsored by CAAM. Followed by feature-length documentary, Off the Menu: Asian America, directed by Grace Lee and co-produced by CAAM and KQED.