Nikiko Masumoto Ted Talk: Reigniting the Soul of Farming

“I am not supposed to be a farmer for so many reasons. I’m Asian American, I was born in a female body, and I’m queer,” Nikiko Masumoto recounts at the most recent TEDxManhattan event, “Changing The Way We Eat.”


The annual event brings together experts in the sustainable food and farming world in order to spark discussion, educate the audience, and shine a light on what they call a broken food system.

In her talk, entitled “Reigniting The Soul of Farming,” Masumoto explores the challenges faced by farmers, her family history,  and her dream for the future of sustainable farming in America. Masumoto is the daughter of David “Mas” Masumoto and Marcy Masumoto and together, they run the Masumoto Family Farm in California’s Central Valley. They are most known for their heirloom, organic peaches.


You can watch the full TEDx talk below: