Tenderloin Stories

This compilation features impressively lucid and sharp works by 15- and 16-year-old immigrant auteurs and actors.

Christina Duculan’s JUST DEAL WITH IT is an ensemble piece which revolves around a mysterious death and interweaves three tales of family, work, and personal crisis.

Sarah Diep’s THE SEVEN OF US is a documentary of a day in the life of the director and her six fun-seeking girlfriends.

Aram Collier and Rudy Choy’s EXPRESS LANE is an adrenaline-laced and technically dynamic thriller centered around a chase through urban San Francisco.

Ra Sek’s GET OFF YOUR KOOT! is an intriguing, complex story of money and ambition that shatters the myth that breakdancing is dead.

Produced in collaboration with the VYDC Youth DVD crew at the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, San Francisco.

Pricing - College / University / Institution