Labor Women

This portrait of three immigrant daughters reveals the new generation that is transforming the American labor movement. Quynh Nguyen is a trilingual organizer who moves easily between Vietnamese, Spanish and English as she mobilizes meatpackers in their demands for a union contract. Sri Lankan American Karla Zombro confronts the challenge of being a lead organizer as well as openly gay within the “Respect at LAX Living Wage” campaign for airport workers fighting for a contract. Jun Chong is a Korean American activist with a labor-community coalition in South Central Los Angeles, representing the most marginalized of workers – welfare-to-work recipients.

These dynamic Asian American women are not the submissive lotus blossoms of the past nor the young “model minorities” of today. They are passionate advocates for social change, and theirs is the story of the American labor movement as it progresses in the 21st century.

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