Heart Mountain: Three Years In An Internment Camp


Executive Producer: David Hosley, KCSM-TV

Consulting Producer: Dianne Fukami

Coordinating Producer: Heather Searles


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Vivid color 8mm home movie footage brings to light the reality of history in this documentary collage of life at Heart Mountain, a concentration camp in Wyoming where more than 10,000 Pacific Coast Japanese and Japanese Americans were incarcerated during World War II. Personal remembrances and never-before-seen film footage and photographs detail the political and the personal situation in which Japanese Americans suddenly found themselves at the onset of World War II. What the government called a “relocation center,” soon became Wyoming’s third largest city – an isolated area inhabited by imprisoned families and the military that presided over them. Many people from the camp were put to work and helped Wyoming agricultural economy by replacing the labor lost to fighting the war. Later, controversy split the camp when the government imposed questions about their loyalty to the United States.

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