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Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 4.3: A Short Course in Shorts

Like a fetus in a womb, I’ve been snuggled into my stadium seat in a dark Kabuki theater. Absorbing, reflecting, enjoying. This festival does nurture me and many others, as does its parent organization, CAAM. SFIAAFF brings the life of Asia and Asian America to you through the powerful umbilical cord of film.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 4.2

It’s three days and 20 films since I last wrote (11 shorts and 9 features). And indeed, because of the inclement weather, the main light I’ve been getting has been the reflection from the silver screen.

Memoirs of a Superfan, vol. 4.1 : Like honeybee to the honey

The honeybees got the red carpet treatment last night, homing in on the familiar sweetness of the 27th Annual SFIAAFF. From all points of the Bay, from cities across North America and Asia, we tasted and toasted the opening of our favorite event on any continent. Ladies superbly adorned, gentlemen looking the part – the hive was buzzing, and the buzz was good.

Colma: The Musical and Me

Richard Wong world premiered his debut feature film, COLMA: THE MUSICAL, at SFIAAFF and since then the film has gone on to play at numerous film festivals, screened theatrically and now has just come out on DVD. The guest blogger of the month, Rich writes about his journey with COLMA: THE MUSICAL.

New Look, Fresh Content

Welcome to the Festival page on the new CAAM website! We are very excited to present this brand new page with a different spin and whole new look.