WHATEVER IT TAKES: Finding the Story

Shooting 140 hours of footage is one thing. Logging, organizing, capturing, and digitizing it is quite another… We are now just over halfway done with the review, and it’s obvious that the discussions we are having now will save us a tremendous amount of time and effort later.


Hi everybody, my name is Christopher Wong, and I’ve been asked to write a weekly blog about my feature-length documentary film WHATEVER IT TAKES – a year-long story about a new public school in New York City’s South Bronx.

OH, SAIGON Premiering on PBS in May 2008

OH, SAIGON Premiering on PBS in May 2008

A Vietnamese family attempts to resolve its divided past when three brothers, one capitalist, one communist, one anti-war, who fought against each other in the Vietnam War meet again after decades and confront their differences. Meanwhile, two first-generation Vietnamese American sisters try to reconcile a difficult past that altered the course of their lives.