Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 4.3: A Short Course in Shorts

Like a fetus in a womb, I’ve been snuggled into my stadium seat in a dark Kabuki theater. Absorbing, reflecting, enjoying. This festival does nurture me and many others, as does its parent organization, CAAM. SFIAAFF brings the life of Asia and Asian America to you through the powerful umbilical cord of film.

SFIAAFF 09 Best Fest Photo Contest

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SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "Knee-Jerks, Tear-Jerks"

At one point while watching PROJECT KASHMIR, I thought of the moments Thomas Fowler spends in the South Vietnamese turret in Graham Greene’s The Quiet American. Those were the quiet, humanly awkward and poignant moments before the turret was blown apart and Fowler’s life saved by Pyle, his rival in romance.

SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "Day 3"

My day started with hanging out with SPEED OF LIFE director Ed Radke and videographer friend Sevgi Stephenson with the student delegates at a nearby cafe. The conversation wandered all around – how to deal with the confusion of what to do next in life, how it’s cool to do what you love

SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "Good Karma for Friday the 13th"

KARMA CALLING follows the Raj family, an Indian family living in New Jersey. An incredibly light but heart-felt film, it makes you believe that no matter what, everything can and will work out in the end if you just believe. A labor of love by Sarba Das and her entire family, it’s an interesting comparison of India coming to America and America coming to India.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 4.2

It’s three days and 20 films since I last wrote (11 shorts and 9 features). And indeed, because of the inclement weather, the main light I’ve been getting has been the reflection from the silver screen.