sfiaaff 2011

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 6.3

The greatness of a people is best measured by the heights to which it raises its loved ones. By that standard, there is no stronghold of greatness within any country – greatness is shared by all the peoples of the world, because we all share in inspiration and interdependence. We raise each other in stories and example.

Student Delegate Blog: One Kine Day on the Dooman River

We managed to visit the tropical beaches of Hawaii, the desolate ice wastelands of China, and also discuss the future of Vietnamese cinema with Vietnam’s own “Bradalinga”—Ngo Tranh and Johnny Tri Nguyen—which shows the incredible diversity of Asian and Asian-American films in the 29th annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Student Delegate Blog: Welcome!

The light goes dim, the music takes over and the images start to flicker on the screen. The audience gets immersed in the stories. Giggle, silence, disturbed, mixed emotions spread the auditorium.

SFIAAFF Andriod App Now Live

If you have an Android phone you can now download the FilmFest SFIAAFF app. Keep in the know while you’re on the go at the festival.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 6.2

Ah, opening night….Rebellious boy feels out of place and defiant his whole life, and is finally reacquainted with long-lost relatives; the devalued, underappreciated history of his people is celebrated and finds an honored place in his heart.