On Public Television

WHATEVER IT TAKES Broadcast Premiere

CAAM is proud to announce the national PBS premiere of Christopher Wong’s award-winning documentary “Whatever It Takes” on March 30, 2010 on Independent Lens.


On the eve of the long-awaited Khmer Rouge trial an American survivor of the genocide returns to Cambodia hoping to unlock the mystery of her father’s disappearance in 1975. OUT OF THE POISON TREE follows Thida Buth Mam’s quest for the truth, stirring up fractured pieces of one family’s nightmare. OUT OF THE POISON TREE airs on KQED throughout August.

APA Heritage Month Broadcasts May 2009

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, PBS will be broadcasting stories that reflect the diversity of the Asian American experience. ITVS, American Masters, WETA, and Independent Lens will be co-presenting APA programs throughout May 2009. Check local listings for exact times and dates.

THE LAST GHOST OF WAR airs on PBS Nationwide

THE LAST GHOST OF WAR airs on PBS Nationwide

In THE LAST GHOST OF WAR, we meet victims who are plaintiffs in a class action suit against 32 U.S. chemical companies. These Vietnamese victims are seeking compensation and justice. The question is were these dioxin-laden herbicides chemical weapons? And if so, who should be held accountable in the wake of what was arguably the largest chemical warfare operation in history?

CALAVERA HIGHWAY broadcast premiere on P.O.V

Calavera Highway premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008 at 10 p.m. on PBS, part of the 21st season of P.O.V. Calavera Highway is a sweeping drama of the Mexican American migrant experience, as revealed in the passage from one generation to the next. It is the intimate story of seven brothers who took that journey.

Co-presentation of CAMPAIGN on P.O.V

Co-presentation of CAMPAIGN on P.O.V

CAAM co-presents CAMPAIGN, a startling insider’s view of Japanese electoral politics. In this portrait of a man plucked from obscurity by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party to run for a critical seat on a suburban city council.