Memories To Light

Memories to Light in Toronto

CAAM Executive Director Stephen Gong presents a selection of highlights from CAAM’s Memories to Light national initiative at the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival on November 11th in Toronto, Canada.

Memories to Light: Halloween

Take a trip down memory lane with our Halloween-themed Memories to Light home videos, and find out how you can win a box of Socola chocolates.

Memories to Light: Meet the Tachibanas

Gavin Tachibana remembers his family and the times they spent together, through watching old home movies. CAAM’s Memories to Light program archives Asian American home movies.

Memories to Light: Summertime

Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate the beginning of summer, we bring you some clips of nostalgia from our Memories to Light: Asian American Home Movies collection.

Memories to Light 2.0

We made it! CAAMFest just concluded and Memories to Light 2.0 had a successful screening as we debuted our first two short films of…

Conversation with Mark Decena

The War Inside is Decena’s intimate reflection on his early life, personally narrated to footage from his family’s home movie collection. It is a…