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AMONG B-BOYS: Celebrating Life!

AMONG B-BOYS: Celebrating Life!

Me, my grandmother, and more, at Knottsberry Farm (a family favorite picture) Today marks two occasions to celebrate life. The first being the passing…

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Breaking Stereotypes

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Breaking Stereotypes

Started editing today on our Final Cut Pro system. Definitely feels good to finally be at this stage, when all the footage gradually morphs into comprehensive scenes. I’m looking forward to developing our main characters into the fullest and most meaningful realization of who they truly are.

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Shaking dat money tree

I used to think that the hardest part of producing a documentary was the shooting and editing. Now I know better. Raising money is far more difficult… Why? Because ultimately, one has absolutely no control over how the funding decisions are made.

WHATEVER IT TAKES: Finding the Story

Shooting 140 hours of footage is one thing. Logging, organizing, capturing, and digitizing it is quite another… We are now just over halfway done with the review, and it’s obvious that the discussions we are having now will save us a tremendous amount of time and effort later.

AMONG B-BOYS: On the Quest

When I first brought my project, Among B-Boys, to CAAM as a Media Fund applicant, I did so with a feeling of entitlement. I was on a quest and I would not be denied: I needed funding, I deserved funding, like so many others, “this project HAD TO BE MADE”.


Hi everybody, my name is Christopher Wong, and I’ve been asked to write a weekly blog about my feature-length documentary film WHATEVER IT TAKES – a year-long story about a new public school in New York City’s South Bronx.

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One exciting new feature you’ll find on the new CAAM website are the Guest Filmmaker Blogs. We’ve asked a few of our Media Fund filmmakers to share their stories on the blood, sweat and tears that go into making a film and getting it finished.