SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "Sangria in Korea"

By Tracy Wang

Hello all! I just got back from the SFIAAFF 2009 Opening Night! I’ll admit, I was very excited getting ready and I kept looking out the Metro train window to check for my stop every 10 seconds. I really liked the energy of the Castro Theatre, and remembering back to the Comcast representative’s quick speech, I realize that the audience tonight was really a community that was fueled by film and that this energy comes only from such a strong community.

SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "From the Desk of a Student Delegate"

By Anjuna Rose Antony

Cameras flash away incessantly! Red carpets gleam! Fans and stars wait in excitement! Then I walk in. the wind blows the hair away from my face. I feel like a million bucks! The volunteers direct me to the guest check-in line. I tell them who I am – DELEGATE, STUDENT DELEGATE! I couldn’t wait to say that. I have been so excited ever since SFIAAFF picked me to one of their student delegates. I couldn’t wait to meet the others.

SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "day 1: my dear enemy"

By Rebecca Chan

Basically what gets the plot rolling in My Dear Enemy, directed by Lee Yoon-Ki, starring Jeon Do-Yeon as ex-girlfriend Hee-Su and Ha Jeong-Woo as ex-boyfriend Byong-Woon. Hee-Su tracks down her ex in some racetrack bidding place and basically drives him around Seoul in search of people that he knows that would lend him the money he owes her.

Memoirs of a Superfan, vol. 4.1 : Like honeybee to the honey

The honeybees got the red carpet treatment last night, homing in on the familiar sweetness of the 27th Annual SFIAAFF. From all points of the Bay, from cities across North America and Asia, we tasted and toasted the opening of our favorite event on any continent. Ladies superbly adorned, gentlemen looking the part – the hive was buzzing, and the buzz was good.

Directions in Sound Tonight!

Friday, March 13, 2009, 9 PM 111 Minna Gallery From glitch-infused breaks to original bay slaps. Tech-hop fusion to heavy dread bass. True-school heat…

MUSIC VIDEO ASIA 2009 at Fest Forum!

The Festival’s ever-popular MUSIC VIDEO ASIA program returns this year in a
new location and setting – outdoors in the Japantown Peace Plaza, on
Saturday, March 14 2009, at 7:20pm.