Akira Kurosawa Centennial at the PFA

A master by any measure, Kurosawa exploited the epic possibilities of the big screen while remaining grounded in a fundamental humanism. This three-month retrospective at the PFA is a chance to explore the full range of his fifty-year career.

SFIAAFF 2010 is coming to San Jose, March 19-21!

So in case you missed out this past weekend with all the festivities and screenings up in San Francisco, our films still run through March 18th. Can’t make it out to SF before Thursday? Take a cinematic mulligan and head to Downtown San Jose.

SFIAAFF 2010 Round Up

SFIAAFF 2010 continues till March March 21st! See the best of new Asian American and Asian films. Don’t miss the STATE OF ALOHA, THE MOUNTAIN THIEF, GOD IS D_AD, A VILLAGE CALLED VERSAILLES, and much more. Check the SFIAAF 2010 website for the full schedule of films and events.

NEW EVENT: Changing Da Game

NEW EVENT: Changing Da Game

Your favorite online stars are coming to SF! Don’t miss out on this unique, engaging panel, featuring KevJumba, Wong Fu Productions, Nigahiga and Timothy DeLaGhetto.