CAAMFest 2015

CAAMFest Food + Film in Oakland

Join us for films, food and fun with CAAMFest at The New Parkway and Oakland Museum of California this weekend. UPDATE: Asian-inspired menu items at The New Parkway!

Nikiko’s Blog: Camera in the Field

“Typically, as a farmer, I work in relative isolation. I relish silence. I find sweet solitude on the farm. The experience of making this film opened our work in new ways. Spending a year with the filmmakers and crew was a wild experience.”

CAAM Projects at CAAMFest 2015

“It’s always been a privilege to be part of [CAAMFest] in the past, and it’s honor to be part of it again this year.” – Kip Fulbeck, Memories to Light 3.0

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.6

“Quan Zhao’s ‘Woman in Fragments’ starring Akemi Look is a wonderful narrative about a young dancer who must weigh her mother’s needs against her own desires.”

Memoirs of a Superfan Volume 10.5

“The silver screen could have been a poultice for our wounds last night. Through tears and shouts and body blows, we still find a way to laugh, and ways to love.”

Bright Lights, Big Screen: Joyce Wu on Her Debut Film

“When I was growing up I never saw anyone that looked like me, in the movies or in T.V. shows. It wasn’t the stereotypes that bothered me, but I couldn’t conceive of a world in which someone who looked like me could be a normal human being.”

CAAM Supports Diverse Filmmakers

“I could say that CAAM has helped launch the careers of many filmmakers including mine.” – Ruby Yang, director of “A Moment in Time” and “My Voice, My Life”

Memoirs of a Superfan Vol. 10.4

“All of the films in CAAMFest 2015 feature some kind of journey; the subtle light of the filmmaker illuminates a wound, a vulnerability, a need—and thus our humanity.”