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TODAY’S SPECIAL opens this Friday 11/9

If you missed the opening night film, TODAY’S SPECIAL, at the 2010 SFIAAFF…not to worry. Here is your chance to catch it! TODAY’S SPECIAL is opening nation wide, starting this Friday 11/19.

Memoirs of a Superfan, Vol. 5.5: TIBET IN SONG

I recently saw TIBET IN SONG at the Lumiere. It plays until 11/18 at the Lumiere, and I highly recommend it. (There will be a DVD release next February.) Filmmaker Ngawang Choephel traveled to Tibet in the late 90’s to document folk music.

CAAM at VIFF: Discussion Session with Onir

Onir is a Mumbai based director who used multiple social networks, including Facebook, to raise production funds for his film “I AM.” In this video, Masashi asks Onir about his unique and creative fund raising process.

Commemoration of the Life and Work of Loni Ding

On a warm Sunday afternoon, September 26th a Commemoration of the Life and Work of Loni Ding was organized by the Ethnic Studies Department and Asian American Studies Program at UC Berkeley, with the participation of CAAM.

SFIAAFF ’10: An Afternoon with Aasif Mandvi

This lively and humorous interview was conducted by former Festival Director, Chi-hui Yang, at the 2010 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Aasif Mandvi discusses his acting career, touching on everything from working with Jon Stewart to making an indie “food film,” to his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s THE LAST AIRBENDER.

CAAM at VIFF: Discussion Session with Su-An Ng

CAAM’s Festival and Exhibitions Director, Masashi Niwano, recently attended the 2010 Vancouver International Film Festival. During the festival, Masashi brought along his trusty Flip Cam and captured his discussions sessions…