Experience Over 40 Films at Any Time With CAAMFest On-Demand

Still from Dir. Chris Au's "Bulge Bracket"

In addition to our live screenings and drive-in experiences, CAAMFest FORWARD will offer programs you can enjoy according to your schedule: CAAMFest On-Demand. This option allows you to stream close to 50 films and special interviews anytime between the festival dates, October 14 through October 18. 

Read on to get a peek at some of our exciting content – and learn how to order your CAAMFest On-Demand pass. 

Still from “Takeout Girl”

CAAMFest On-Demand Programming

CAAMFest On-Demand offers a wide variety of content, from feature-length narratives and documentaries to episodic and short programs. Here are just a few titles that will be included as part of your CAAMFest On-Demand Pass: 

Feature Documentaries

  • For My Father’s Kingdom, Dir. Jeremiah Tauamiti and Vea Mafileo Driven by his deep faith in God and Tongan culture, pensioner Saia Mafile’o carefully navigates not only the rough streets of South Auckland, but also his sometimes-fraught relationship with his New Zealand-born son Robert, who struggles to accept his father’s commitment to a Kingdom that tore their family apart.
  • Hamtramck, Dir. Justin Feltman, Razi Jafri The first majority Muslim city in the U.S., Hamtramck, Michigan, is “the world in two square miles.” This film follows Yemeni, Bangladeshi and Polish American candidates as they vie to be mayor and city council members, showcasing the hopeful strengths of diversity and democracy in a time when they are threatened by rampant xenophobia and racism.

Feature Narrative 

  • Take Out Girl, Dir. Hisonni Johnson Tera Wong delivers Chinese food for her mother’s struggling restaurant located in the “Low Bottoms,” an infamous Los Angeles project. Everyone around her is financially trapped in this crime and violence-ridden neighborhood; that is, until Tera takes a job from the local drug Kingpin. With the cash rolling in, Tera intends to move the family restaurant to the suburbs and go clean. But after a series of tragic events, the dream that Tera built on a foundation of lies may crumble.
  • The Grand Grandmaster, Dir. Dayo Wong Dayo Wong stars as Grandmaster Ma Fei-lung who has unexpected romantic feelings towards his rival, Chun. With a final battle around the corner, who will win in the final fight?
Still from “Chosen Fam: Season One”


  • Chosen Fam: Season 1, Dir. Lindsay Sunada, Natalie Tsui An electric and hilarious new series by Bay Area BIPOC and LGBQT storytellers (also CAAMFest alums). Shot in the Bay Area, this fantastic series is brimming with charisma and vision.
  • You Are Here, Dir. James Q. Chan A loving portrait of San Francisco’s Chinatown and the diverse community who live in and around the historic neighborhood. This documentary series will include various stories about local residents and the lasting impact they are making.

Short Programs  

  • From the Streets of Japan
    • Son of Memory, Dir. Hayato Ando While struggling with accepting the death of her only son, she learned about service of the funeral home that can restore a deceased person as a humanoid for only 49 days.
    • Winter Terrace, Dir. Asuka Lin This short film explores the landscape of the historical Asakusa district through the eyes of three outsiders who eat, drink, and play from another dimension.
  • The Good Fight
    • Fighting for Family, Dir. Lan Nguyen Refugee couple Chuh and Rex are split apart when Chuh is deported to Vietnam, leaving Rex and their four daughters behind in the U.S. Chuh works on adjusting to life in Vietnam, while Rex resiliently balances working, raising her children, and maintaining her long-distance relationship.
    • COVER/AGE, Dir. Set Hernandez Rongkilyo While universal healthcare is slowly being embraced in the United States, proposals leaving out elderly undocumented immigrants impact many, such as Emma, a Filipina home caregiver who struggles after unjust limitations deny her the care she needs.
Winter Terrace
Still from “Winter Terrace”

How to Watch

After purchasing your CAAMFest On-Demand Pass, you’ll unlock our entire package of films that are available to stream anytime during the festival from October 14 through October 18. Since these films are available on-demand, it’s up to you to decide what programming you’re most interested in and when to watch them! Each movie will be followed by a recorded Q&A, with CAAM staff interviewing filmmakers and other special guests. 


You can secure your On-Demand Pass through our website starting Monday, October 5, 2020. General admission passes are $40, with CAAM Members’ passes discounted to $34. Please note that certain films will be geoblocked depending on your location. Read more about this here. For more information or to purchase your pass, visit CAAMFest.com

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