Keep CAAM’s Posts In Your Feed!

Photo by Jason Jao
How to keep CAAM and CAAMFest's posts on your Facebook and Instagram visible.

As many of you on social media may have heard, Facebook and Instagram have changed the algorithm so that pages you like (love!) may not show up as much on your feed as before.

We love our CAAMily and want to keep sharing relevant interviews, articles, videos, photos, and job and grant opportunities to you all. If you want to keep seeing our posts, here are some quick and simple ways for our posts to show up:


From your computer, go to CAAM and CAAMFest‘s pages*:

  1. Log into Facebook. In the left-hand column of your home screen, look for ‘news feed’ at the top of the list and click the three dots beside it.
  2. Selected ‘edit preferences’ at the bottom of the pop-up menu. This will open a new window with the controls.
  3. Select ‘Prioritize who to see first.’ You will see a list of pages and profiles you “like” on Facebook.
  4. Look through the list and choose the pages that has content you want to see on your feed regularly. The pages you select will be marked with a blue star.
  5. Hit ‘done’ in the bottom right corner of your screen to save. (credit: Dallas Morning News)

Make sure to support all the organizational pages that you have followed and love!

*Did you know we also manage the Who is American: Immigration, Exclusion and the American Dream page about our Chinese Exclusion Act documentary and outreach, as well as Off the Menu: Asian America?


Go to our profile from your phone and click on the upper right corner (three dots) and select “Turn on Post Notifications!”


Our public media friends at WGBH have a great roundup of social media platform changes if you want to learn more!