Awkwafina performs at Directions in Sound, CAAMFest 2015. Photo by Leanne Koh.
#CAAMFest35 is proud to present two film, music and food programs at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.

CAAM is proud to partner with the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco this year. Two of our CAAMFest programs will happen at JCCSF.

BAD RAP – March 14

medium_Bad_rap_awkAsian American rappers Awkwafina, Dumbfoundead, Rekstizzy and Lyricks break ethnic and music-industry stereotypes in the documentary, BAD RAP. This musically-minded presentation will feature live performances from the highlighted artists.

Starting at 6:00 pm, join us in the Pottruck Family Atrium at the JCCSF for live music, food and other activities.

6pm – 7pm: Pre-show (w/DJ Proof, Jade Chocolates tasting, food from Pinoy Heritage, drinks, special performances and more!)
7pm – 9pm: Film Screening Followed by Q&A with the filmmakers and artists
9pm – 10:30pm: Performances by Awkwafina, Year of the Ox and Rekstizzy

Expected Guests in Attendance: Salima Koroma (Director/Producer), Jaeki Cho (Co-Producer), Nora Lum (Awkwafina), Lyricks and Rekstizzy

Co-presented by: Noise Pop Industries, TRAKTIVIST.COM

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In_Search_of_Perfect_Consonance_2-1540x866During a time of tense Asian international relations, composer Richard Pontzius and legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin pursued a moving mission to bring eager young Asian musicians together under one unified regional orchestra. Since 1990, the Asian Youth Orchestra has inspired generations of musicians to promote regional peace through music. In the latest documentary by Academy-Award winning director Ruby Yang, orchestra members share a sense of much-needed community with their fellow musicians. With the help of dedicated mentors and the support of their fellow musicians, orchestra members from all across Asia feed off each other’s passion and love for an art that is powerful enough to unite citizens from countries at odds with each other. — Sarah Kim

6pm – 7pm: Pre-show Activities (Jade Chocolates tasting, food from Pinoy Heritage, and drinks)
7pm – 9pm: Film Screening followed by a conversation with Ruby Yang and Performances by the SF Conservatory of Music

Expected Guests in Attendance: Ruby Yang (Director/Producer), Lambert Yam (Creative Consultant)

Co-presented by: Asia Society Northern California, Noise Pop IndustriesSeachampa

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