Thank You to the Supporters of CAAM’s “Who is American?” Campaign

Thank you to everyone who supported CAAM’s campaign “Who is American?” Educational Outreach for the PBS Documentary THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT and helped us reach the $22,085 mark since August 18th.

On behalf of everyone at the Center for Asian American Media (CAAM), Ric Burns, Li-Shin Yu and the Steeplechase Films team, thank you to everyone who has donated to and has shared our campaign, “Who is American?” Educational Outreach for the PBS Documentary THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT, since last Thursday, August 28th.

Thanks to your support, we have raised $22,085 in the first week and half of the campaign. We still have 22 days left to raise the remaining $27,915 of our $50,000 goal.

Help us reach our week 2 goal of raising $25,000 by this Sunday, August 28th by donating online and sharing the campaign page ( with your friends, family and networks on social media. For a limited time only, the first seven people who donate $175 or more to our campaign will receive a copy of Historian Erika Lee’s acclaimed book The Making of Asian America (supplies limited) and a CAAM organic cotton tote bag.


“Who is American?” Educational Outreach for the PBS Documentary THE CHINESE EXCLUSION ACT campaign donors*

Ginger Adams
Denise Bednar
Bill Bishop
Mitchell Bonner
Jocelyn S. Carter
Sheree Chan
Alex Chan
Gayle Chan
Heather Chan
Joyce Chan
Lily Chan
Ronald K. Chan and Jane G. Chan
Phil Chang
Abby Chen
Kelvin Chen
Matty Chen
Nain Chen
Peter W. Chen
Adam Cheung
Thomas Chew
John Chiang
Jennie Chien
Paul Chin
Yung Chin
David Choi
Ailynn Knox-Collins
Wilson Chu
Cynthia Der
Chung Der
Anna Don
Lester Dun
Judy Eisenbrand
Norman and Candice Eng
Kenneth Eng
Julianne Eng
Norman Eng
Deanna Fone
Evelyn Fong
Janet Fong
Dagmar Fung
William Fung
Becca Giang
Cindy Gieng
Julie Ha
Dennis Ham
Melody Hom
Julie Hood
Stephen Hsieh
Michael Hsieh
Tine Hsu
Trent Hu
Jessica Huang
Milana Huang
Candace Huey
Judy Huey
Brian Hui
Dennis Jang
Serina Jensen
Weirong Jiang
Catherine Johnston
Nicholas Jones
Ted Kao
Han Kim
May and George Koo
Mike Kwan
James Kwok
Anne Kwong
Alfred Lee
Annie Lee
Benny Lee
Emery Lee
Gordon Lee
Henry Lee
Jeff and Melvina Lee
John Lee
Matthew Lee
Patricia Lee
Wayne Lee
Tiffany Lei
Andrew Leong
Sherman Lew
Kitty L. Lew
Carol Li
Mengying Li
Jeanine Lim
Nancy Lim Yee and Edmund Yee
Michael Lok
Lawland Long
Veronica Long
Annie Loo
Vanita Louie
Jodie Louie
Joanne Low
Li Lu
Robert Martin
Ki-Wing Merlin
Jana McBurney-Lin
Therese Mitros
Bill Moy
Vivian Nagy
Anthony Ng
Amy Ng
Tram Nguyen
Chris Nishida
Patricia Nishimoto
Hideaki Noguchi
Natalie Hom Oyung
Ling-yuh Pattie
Beverly Pierce
Gisele Pohan
Lawrence Pon
Eva Poon
Daniel Quan
Geoffrey Quan
Robert Russell
Julia Sen
Beatrice Shen
Nick Sheng
Judy S. Sit
Penelope and Rossi Snipper
Shelley Soo-Li
Carrie Stewart
Lanlian Szeto
Calvin and Fay Taam
Brian Tom
Kan and Anna Toy
Harry Trinh
Janet Tse
Monica Walters
Cecilia Tso Warner
Amy Wong
Sophia Wong
Allen Wong
Brenda Hee Wong
Vicky Wong
Donald and Margaret Wong
John Wong
Alex Woo
Wailan Woo
Christine Wu
Sinan Xin
Chi-hui Yang
Xinnin Yang
Cynthia Yee
Frank Yee
Gloria Yee
Anthony Yin
Richard Young
Janet Young
Sharon Young
Emily Yu
Philip Yu
Susan Yu
Taylor Zhou
Tenghui Zhu

*List of donors from Thursday, August 18- morning of Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

Please contact Jennifer Chu at, (415) 863-0814 x 102 with corrections.