Connecting Community One Story at a Time Campaign: Thank you!

Happy New Year! Thank you to the 50 individuals who donated $7,608 to our 2015 end of the year crowdfunding campaign, Connecting Community One Story at a Time.

Happy New Year! Thanks to each of you, 2016 is off to a great start. CAAM received generous donations from over 50 individuals and we raised $7,608 through our 2015 end of the year crowdfunding campaign Connecting Community One Story at a Time.¬†Please see below for the complete list of campaign supporters. We’re looking forward to continuing to connect community through diverse and compelling Asian American stories in 2016.

Thank you to everyone who shared the campaign and donated, including:

Anonymous (8)
Ben Arikawa
Bernadaine Baines
Ralph Brower
Phil Chang
Doug Chin, In Memory of Janice Sakamoto
Rana Cho* and Matt Small
Eurie Chung
Dee Davis
Arthur Dong
Harriet Fukushima
Dipti Ghosh* and Meggy Gotuaco
Brent Hall
Larry Hong
Fred Hua
Robert Jittrikawiphol
James Kawano
Stefani Komaru
Bonnie Kwong
Nikolai Leung
Cynthia Lew
Sherman Lew
Mui Lim
Phillip Lorenzo
Felicia Lowe
Dr. Toni MacIntyre
Atsushi Murase
Bao Minh Nguyen
Richard and Keiko Perri
Nani Ratnawati
Karen Schiller
Renee Tajima
Victoria Taketa
Janet Tom
June Tom
Jean Tsien
Robert and Yvonne Uyeki
Oliver Wang
Kevin D. Wong
Nicole Woo
Chi-Hui Yang
Wallace and Laura Young
Mike Zimmerman

*Member, CAAM Board of Directors

Please contact Jennifer Chu at, (415) 863 – 0814 x 102 with any questions.