“East Side Sushi” in California Theaters starting 9/18

The award-winning film by Anthony Lucero focuses on a Latina sushi chef chasing her dreams.

CAAMFest 2014 Audience Award winner East Side Sushi directed by Anthony Lucero opens in California theaters, including the Sundance Kabuki in San Francisco and other Bay Area cities, September 18.

From the film’s synopsis:

East Side Sushi introduces us to Juana, a working-class Latina single mother who strives to become a sushi chef.

Years of working in the food industry have made Juana’s hands fast—very fast. She can slice and dice anything you throw at her with great speed and precision. Forced to give up her fruit-vending cart in order to find a more secure job, Juana lands a position as a kitchen assistant at a local Japanese restaurant. It is there she discovers a new friendship and a whole new world of cuisine and culture, far-removed from everything she has ever known.

While working in the restaurant’s kitchen, Juana secretly observes the sushi chefs and eventually teaches herself to make a multitude of sushi. Her creativity sparked, Juana’s re-ignited passion for food drives her to want more from her job and her life.

Eventually she attempts to become a sushi chef, but is unable to because she is the “wrong” race and gender. Against all odds, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, determined to not let anyone stop her from achieving her dream.

Oakland-based filmmaker Anthony Lucero and award-winning San Francisco sushi chef Tomoharu Nakamura, who created the sushi rolls in the film, recorded a StoryCorps interview together during last year’s CAAMFest. Here are some clips from that interview.

Anthony Lucero and Chef Tomoharu Nakamura talk about family food traditions including tamales, menudo and soba noodles.

Find out how Chef Tomoharu Nakamura created the Golden Gate and Diablo rolls for East Side Sushi:

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