Autumn Moon Festival: LOVE ARCADIA Screening

Celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival with CAAM and enjoy a screening of LOVE ARCADIA!

Celebrate the Autumn Moon Festival with CAAM and enjoy a screening of LOVE ARCADIA!

To be worth a love song, an ode, a nod to utopia, a city must be something truly special. Director Lawrence Gan paints Arcadia, CA, with sun-washed hues of laughter, good food and equal parts escapism and homesickness. Home to the San Gabriel Mountains, peacocks and bubble tea shops, LOVE ARCADIA tells the tale of one particular tea shop and the love-struck teen who calls it home. When his family business is faced with displacement by a young and beautiful real estate mogul, Jake (Anthony Ma) must come to terms with the possibility of losing his home away from home and all the faces that make it hard to let go. In its world premiere, LOVE ARCADIA tells a classic coming-of-age story with heart — by way of boba straw — that explores the lessons of holding on, letting go and loving with what you got.

SUN SEPT 20 | 1-3PM
Chinatown North Beach Center
City College of San Francisco
Bamboo Room (Main Building, 4th Floor)
808 Kearny St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

Director: Lawrence Gan Producer: Theresa Chiu, Lawrence Gan, Dave Grabarek Writer: Theresa Chiu Editor: Lawrence Gan Cinematographer: Daniel Cotroneo Cast: Michelle Huang, Arvin Lee, Anthony Ma, Lana McKissack

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