“Revenge of the Green Dragons” Opens Nationwide

The Chinatown gang story takes place in NY, by Martin Scorsese and Andrew Lau.

The new film by Executive Producer Martin Scorsese and directors Andrew Lau (Infernal Affairs) and Andrew Loo is now playing in theaters. The story takes place in 1980s in New York and is about Chinatown gangs from that era. The film features Asian and Asian American talent in front of the screen as well as behind the screen. The Hong Kong hit trilogy Infernal Affairs was later remade by Scorsese into The Departed.

It opens at the Hawaiian International Film Fest this weekend and in San Francisco at the 4 Star Theatre. The cast includes Harry Shum Jr., Kevin Wu (of KevJumba YouTube fame), Leonard Wu, Justin Chon and Ray Liotta.

CAAMFest Festival Director Masashi Niwano will be moderating the Q&A following the Saturday screening at the 4 Star Theatre in San Francisco at 8:40pm November 1st. Guests in attendance for Saturday and Sunday evening’s screenings include Leonard Wu (actor), Celia Au (actress) and Alan Pao (Executive Producer).

Main image: Eugenia Yuan and Harry Shum Jr. star in Revenge of the Green Dragons.