Flat3, Season 3

The 3rd and final season of Flat3, a web comedy series from New Zealand, is back with new episodes!

Flat3 is back! The web series takes a look at the lives of three Asian women living in New Zealand. There’s friendship, there’s sex and a lot more in between. (And it’s hilarious). All of the episodes are online. They just released Season 3 with episodes 13 and 14.

“Flat3 follows Lee, Jessica and Perlina as they try to figure out who they are, what they’re doing in this life, and whose turn it is to buy toilet paper.”

We screened the series at CAAMFest last March, and the women of Flat3 made this great little video:

“We started out making this on our own. We wanted to make something that was funny to us, first and foremost. We were also surprised to notice that we were all Asian women, but decided it would be better to gloss over that bit, and just try to be funny.”

The series comes from writer/director Roseanne Liang, a New Zealand Chinese screenwriter who made My Wedding and Other Secrets. It is co-executive produced by Kerry Warkia. The cast includes co-producers JJ Fong, Perlina Lau and Ally Xue.

Main image: The lovely ladies of Flat3, a Kiwi web series starring Perlina Lau, Ally Xue and JJ Fong from New Zealand. Photo credit: Steven Chow.