Filmmaker Advice: Quentin Lee

Get to know more about being a part of CAAMFest from Director/producer Quentin Lee (White Frog).

CAAMFest 2015 Call for Entries is open! Every year, CAAMFest brings approximately 130 works to the Bay Area, showcasing these films to over 26,000 attendees including 250 filmmakers and industry guests from around the world. Since 1982, the annual festival has been an important launching point for Asian American independent filmmakers as well as a vital source for new Asian cinema. Submit now and join us at the nation’s largest showcase for new Asian and Asian American films.

Get to know more about being a part of CAAMFest from Alum, Director and Producer Quentin Lee:

Filmmaker Quentin Lee. Photo courtesy of the filmmaker.
Quentin Lee.

“I’ve been showing my works at CAAMFest since its early formation in 1995. I think I showed my first feature compilation of my short films Flow at the 1995 NAATA Film Festival. San Francisco has a great audience for independent films and CAAMFest has been one of my favorite showcases for my films. We launched White Frog at CAAMFest in 2013 and our North American distributor Wolfe Releasing bought the film after seeing how successful it played at the Castro.”

Lee’s tips on submitting to film festivals:

“First, get your film in the best shape before you submit. Try to personally reach out to programmers of the film festival so they can connect the film to a face and a person. Most importantly, don’t submit your film unless it’s absolutely ready. Most people will only give a film one chance.”

Director/Producer Quentin Lee is the director of several feature films including White Frog, The People I’ve Slept With, Ethan Mao, Drift and Shopping for Fangs, and the producer of the features Chink and Big Gay Love. Apart from prepping for his upcoming feature The English Major Lee is currently raising funds for a nonprofit educational short film for children titled Operation Marriage about LGBT issues and marriage equality, set to star Mindy Cohn (The Facts of Life) and Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club). Based on Bay Area writer Cynthia-Chin Lee’s book, Operation Marriage a sweet story about an eight-year-old girl and her little brother trying to get their gay moms married before Proposition 8’s passing. Check out the project’s crowdfunding campaign here.

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