Grace Lee Boggs Doc Wins Audience Award at the LA Film Festival

Congrats to “American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs”, directed by Grace Lee, which won the Audience Award  at the Los Angeles Film Festival yesterday!


The CAAM funded documentary focuses on Grace Lee Boggs, 97, the Detroit writer, activist, and philosopher whose work encompassed many of the major U.S. social movements of the past century: radical labor, civil rights, Black Power, feminism, Asian American, environmental justice, and beyond.

Grace Lee Boggs with filmmaker Grace Lee. Photo by Quyen Tran


Film Description: Intimate and inspiring, Grace Lee Boggs’ story is one of a lifelong work for social justice and equality. Born into a middle class Chinese immigrant family and educated at Barnard in the 1930s, the young Grace soon noticed the inequities in American society and spent the next eight decades working to change the status quo, becoming an icon of the African American movement. Using her advanced education and intelligence not to accrue vast wealth but to work towards the betterment of all people, Boggs became a true American hero.

At 97 she continues to work tirelessly to educate and activate Americans, young and old, to work for the changes in which they believe. Director Grace Lee (no relation) gives us a writer, activist and philosopher as she works her way through decades of social and political upheaval, inspiring all the way.



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Here’s Grace Lee Boggs talking about the film on the Tavis Smiley Show:



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