Asian American Short Films to Broadcast Online: April 30th

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Celebrate APA Heritage Month early. Log on Tuesday, April 30th at 12:30pm Pacific Time for a special screening of shorts by Asian American media makers.  Spend your lunch/afternoon break watching these fun shorts and interacting with other viewers (and some of the filmmakers) online at OVEE, a new social screening platform for public media!

Watch here:

Shorts Selection Films:

mqdefaultLobster Shmobster (Dave Quion & Kyle Ross/USA/2 minutes/2004)

Black and white animation coupled with a dramatic story and soundtrack make this a fun start to our lunchtime screening. The story begins with a cheery cartoon lobster that then takes a dark turn. Captured in a grimy kitchen, what will happen to this lively lobster?

Lou Diamond PhillipsThe Others (Aram Siu Wai Collier/USA/9 minutes/2009)
*Filmmaker in attendance!*

The Others features found footage of Hollywood actor Lou Diamond Phillips’ numerous ‘ethnic characters’ and places them in dialog with each other, literally, by employing classic Hollywood editing style and storytelling tropes. Through these conversations comes an investigation of identity, ethnicity and authenticity.

LoveBangLove Bang! (Việt Lê/Cambodia-USA/6 minutes/2012)

“Saturated with eye-popping colors and insatiable desires, Le’s “sexperimental” music video examines historical trauma, collective memory and the effects of rapid modernization in Cambodia and Vietnam.”

Performers don the costumes of a soldier fighting to survive, a bull aggressively running around, and colorful space-age style costumes. Coupled with a catchy tune, this short film is sure to delight fans of music videos.

Lady_Razorbacks_03Lady Razorbacks (Laura Green/USA/4 minutes/2011)

When a group of Pacific Islander women decide to start a rugby team in East Palo Alto, California, all they have in mind is getting in shape. But this group of Fijian, Tongan, and Samoan women find the field an unexpected sanctuary and discover common ground learning the sport they grew up watching their brothers, uncles and cousins play. In a space where hitting hard and caring for each other are synonymous, they learn new ways to express themselves, support one another, and challenge the stigma attached to their communities.

the postcardThe Postcard (Josh Kim/South Korea/15 minutes/2007)
*Filmmaker in attendance!*

In this Korean language short film, a young man catches the eyes of two women working in a post office when he sends a mysterious postcard with romantic overtones. The women start to suspect that the postcard was a love note intended for one of them. This is a captivating story about wistful romance and secret loves.

If you can’t join us for this program, check back in May for more online events. This is the second OVEE screening of a six-part series we are presenting of inspired and provocative works by Asian Americans through June 2013.

Upcoming OVEE schedule:

Shorts Selection
April 30th
12:30pm – 1:15pm PDT

Jake Shimabukuro: Life on Four Strings

Seeking Asian Female
May 29th, 8pm PDT