Announcing “They’re All So Beautiful”, An Online Forum On Race And Dating

We’re excited for the new webseries and online forum “They’re All So Beautiful“, inspired by the documentary “Seeking Asian Female”.

Seeking Asian Female” (winner of Best Documentary Award at CAAMFest) sold out two shows, and was followed by a panel including Director Debbie Lum and blogger Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man) which will be posted on

The conversation on “yellow fever” continues online with a new web series at, Official premiere: April 1.

Afterwards, follow the online forum at with reactions from Tracy Quan (The Daily Beast), Celine Parrenas Shimizu (UC Santa Barbara), Jeff Yang (The Wall Street Journal), and Ian Lang (

Episode 1: What is yellow fever?

A predilection white men have for Asian women.
When an Asian has to perform an Asian role.
Something Asian women should get over or ignore.
A sign of 21st century globalization.
A phase guys go through in college.

What do you think?

See Episode 1

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