CAAM Co-presents at the Frameline Film Fest

The Center for Asian American Media co-presents OFF WORLD, THE GOLDEN PIN, and SPRING FEVER at the Frameline Film Festival.


The Center for Asian American Media Co-presents at the FRAMELINE FILM FESTIVAL, June 17-27.

Director: Mateo Guez
Canada, 2009, 76mins
Additional Countries: Philippines

Off World is a haunting and poignant tale of one man’s search for his true identity. Lucky (Marc Abaya), a young Toronto man adopted from the Philippines at an early age, returns to Smokey Mountain, a notorious Manila slum.

Director: Cuong Ngo
Canada, 2009, 15mins

This eclectic collection of shorts brings you a mix of drama, comedy and plenty of handsome boys!

Director: Lou Ye
Hong Kong, 2009, 115mins
Additional Countries: France

Love triangles spin out of control in Spring Fever, award-winning film for Best Screenplay at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Set in the damp, moody springtime of Nanjing, this Peyton Place-meets-Jules et Jim drama follows the clandestine gay and bisexual trysts of China’s “cell phone generation.”