AMONG B-BOYS: Busy as a B-Boy

I’ve been alerted by my all so loyal blogging fans that I’ve been slacking in my duties, and to that I apologize. So some of the stuff going on in the world of Among B-Boys and Christopher Woon. I’ve been finishing a video for a client (OASES 25th Anniversary celebration tonight!) and been chasing that funding paper trail. I’m also set to join a team promoting the ever so entertaining B-Boy Hella Hung, and projects revolving Hung that are in development. For now, check out this article about him at More than a Stance

As for chasing the paper trail, out of respect for the process I’ll leave the details out, but here’s a few tips I’ve created:

1.) Revise, revise, revis – With your written materials, have friends help you catch those grammatical errors and be concise! Other people can help you edit, use them. Use your resources!

2.) Just Apply! – regardless of experience level … well… yeah. Regardless. I think there’s something to be gained in the experience of just creating an application, finishing it and being proud of your work. Just do it.

3.) Ask the Funding Organization Questions! – There’s only gains you can make by gaining insights from the actual people who’ll be accepting your application and judging and critiquing what you are sending in.

4.) Know your %’s – Knowing your percentages and keeping things in perspective, how many applicants a funder receives, how competitive it is will help keep you grounded in this process.

5.) Have a Strong Team – I’m yet to find out the dividends of assembling my team, but increasing my production to be more than just “me, my camera, and my computer” to having a team of experienced (and hungry) editors, cinematographers, illustrators, motionographers and musicians in your corner can only help your case and let your potential funders know that: YO, THIS CAT IS SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING THE ILLEST, SUPER DOPE, FRESH %$#@ POSSIBLE!!!

and in the meantime, check out some of the guys I’ve bee recruiting. some of it is tentative, but hey they’re all fresh, check them out:

Crown City Rockers

Delicous Venom

Mattahan/Paul Davey
Nate Tan aka Nate1