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"What makes Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura on the TV show HEROES) so loveable?" San Francisco State University students respond...


“What makes Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura on the TV show HEROES) so loveable?”

Students at San Francisco State University…

Ellenor Li Ellenor Li – “He’s so genuine, he’s selfless, he knows that there is more to life than what is at face value. With a face like that, he wouldn’t be mean in person, no way! I just really like genuine people, and he’s not afraid to be himself.”
Vincent Dong Vincent Dong starred as Stephanie in Justin Lin’s hit BETTER LUCK
TOMORROW. She will star in the upcoming feature THE PEOPLE I’VE SLEPT
WITH, to be directed by Quentin Lee.
Michelle Moreira Michelle Moreira – “His English is broken, and you feel a little pity for him. He’s always trying to be a hero, the one that tries to pull everyone together. He’s not your typical superhero, kind of like Spiderman, like a regular person. Also because he’s a person of color.”
Jason Chen Jason Chen – “My TV doesn’t get NBC.”
Alex Loo Alex Loo – “No, I don’t think he’s loveable. I think he’s the stereotypical Asian. I think that’s the only reason why he’s on TV, it’s because he’s playing the stereotypical role.”
Jessie Hom Jessie Hom – “He’s like dorky cute. He’s like ohh… OooOOo!”
Tim Young Tim Young – “I don’t think it’s because he’s Asian. I just saw this thing on the Today Show saying that geeks are the new hip kind of cool. I think most women now aren’t looking for the jocks, they like the quirky, the varied personality.”
JR Loyola JR Loyola – “The fact that he’s an Asian American and he’s on a mainstream television show.”
Cory Wong Cory Wong – “His endearing personality. Definitely his power is interesting. Also the fact that he’s one of the only Asians in a constant role besides the guy on Lost. He’s a nice guy, nothing menacing about him. Someone you would want as a friend. Personable and powerful all at the same time.”
Amy Wong Amy Wong – “He seems kind of like the stereotypical, nerdy Asian guy with glasses. I didn’t know he was loveable, maybe it’s because he’s tubby.”