Voices of the Morning

This beautiful video is a meditation on women’s roles as defined by orthodox Islamic laws. Inspired by The Hidden Face of Eve by Nawaal…

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37 Stories About Leaving Home

This fascinating experimental documentary examines the relationships between grandmothers, mothers and daughters in Japan. Interwoven throughout the interviews with these women is a folk…

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An intimate and raw look at the private life of a single mother, this black-and-white Super-8 experimental short delves into the unglamorous emotions that…

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Talking History

A compelling mosaic of oral histories and historical footage of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Laotian women featuring their journey to the U.S. and…

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Struggling to feed a family of seven in the midst of a prolonged drought, a Korean farmer stalks his barren fields and painfully deliberates…

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Spirits Rising

SPIRITS RISING is a moving, evocative and timely program about women in the Philippines and their epic journey from pre-colonial priestess to president of…

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Distinguished by superior directing and ensemble acting, Helen Lee’s SOPHIE is a somber, disquieting portrait of a Korean American family trapped in the miserable…

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Abandoned by her family and neglected by her husband, Chandra, a Fijian Indian American, transforms herself from a servile girl into a woman who…

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Sewing Woman

SEWING WOMAN tells a universal story of one woman’s journey from an arranged marriage in old China to life as a garment factory worker…

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Saanjh – As Night Falls

In this gripping, award-winning short, by the writer of Monsoon Wedding (a Mira Nair film), a crowded middle-class compartment on an Indian night train…

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