Passing Poston

During World War II, almost 120,000 Japanese-Americans were forcibly relocated and spent the war years in one of ten internment camps located in remote…

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The First Battle

THE FIRST BATTLE is about a previously untold struggle for freedom, equality and full citizenship in America. This struggle was waged unconventionally behind the…

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Two young Japanese Americans set out to find an obscure place called Manzanar in the California desert, in 1969. This was one of ten…

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The Cats of Mirikitani

“Make art not war” is Jimmy Mirikitani’s motto. This 80-year-old Japanese American artist was born in Sacramento and raised in Hiroshima, but by 2001…

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Resettlement to Redress

RESETTLEMENT TO REDRESS takes a close look at the long and difficult journey Japanese Americans faced as they transitioned from being forcibly removed from…

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Why Is Preparing Fish a Political Act?

This video profiles Janice Mirikitani, the award-winning Sansei (third-generation Japanese American) poet, writer, activist, choreographer and the executive director of programs at the Glide…

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Wataridori: Birds of Passage

This important tribute to the Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) integrates the stories of three people who describe a collective history through their personal…

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Unforgettable Face

A powerful, intimate reflection on the depth of the human spirit and the ability to transcend cultural differences. George Oiye, one of the Japanese…

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Unfinished Business

On December 7, 1941, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.The following day, the US declared war on Japan. Two months later, despite the government’s own…

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