A Lot Like You

A LOT LIKE YOU takes us on a personal journey into the most vulnerable corners of a family history spanning generations and continents. This…

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Indian Summer_Still

Indian Summer

INDIAN SUMMER follows Indian American kids aged 9 to 16 at the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp near Rochester, New York as they pursue a…

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Inheritance (2012) is a personal documentary film that illuminates diasporic identity formation in the shadow of Iranian gender politics and the Islamic Revolution. Inside her…

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Once Upon A Rooftop

On a rooftop high above the bustling streets of Hong Kong, a woman practices the ancient art of tai chi as her daughter watches…

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Other Nature

Pilgrimage is the moving vehicle in Other Nature wherein Badri Pun, Bhumika Shrestha and her mother journey to Muktinath, a holy temple where both Hindus and…

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Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown

The poignant stories of three young women who vie for one of the world’s most coveted ethnic pageant titles, while struggling to reconcile the…

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Paper Words

Rich and colorful, PAPER WORDS enchantingly tells the story of Mei, a 5-year old girl from China now living in America. Attending kindergarten in…

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Tibet In Song

TIBET IN SONG is a riveting and unforgettable look at one man’s struggle to preserve Tibetan music, culture and national identity. Using rarely seen…

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Kip Fulbeck: Selected Videos

Known for his fast-paced and hilarious videos exploring Hapa identity and Asian American media portrayal, artist Kip Fulbeck has been featured on CNN, MTV…

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Good for Her

In GOOD FOR HER, the director looks at the heavily controversial issues surrounding the cosmetic surgery boom in Seoul, Korea. She explores, through a…

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AFTERBIRTH poetically explores the unpredictable relationship between appearance and identity, challenging notions of cultural essentialism with a call for spiritual transcendence. A “documentary” montage…

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Mighty Warriors of Comedy

Hailed as one of the most devastatingly funny comedy troupes of the past decade, the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors are an audacious Asian American…

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