The Gate of Heavenly Peace

During the spring of 1989, nightly news accounts filmed in Tiananmen Square enthralled viewers worldwide as they watched the largest popular demonstration in modern…

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Blue Collar and Buddha

This dramatic documentary explores America’s most recent refugees, struggling against the mounting tension of a post-Viet Nam era filled with guilt and anger. A…

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Animal Appetites

ANIMAL APPETITES is a wry look at the 1989 Long Beach trial of two Cambodian immigrants charged with killing a dog for food. With…

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BBQ Muslims

In the days following the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, there was a media frenzy pointing fingers at the North American Muslim community. Several weeks…

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American Sons

AMERICAN SONS is a provocative examination of how racism shapes the lives of Asian American men. Actors Yuji Okumoto, Kelvin Han Yee, Lane Nishikawa…

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