Days of Waiting

“DAYS OF WAITING is a poignant documentary about an extraordinary woman, artist Estelle Ishigo, one of the few Caucasians to be interned with 120,000…

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Director Edward Wong explores the nature of political and ideological allegiances as he follows the separate paths taken by two men, Alex Hing and…

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The Color of Honor

A vivid, collective portrait of the Japanese American experience in World War II, including an introduction to the evacuation and internment of Japanese Americans…

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Citizen Hong Kong

This multi-layered portrait examines San Francisco filmmaker Ruby Yang’s childhood home in its first year of postcolonial existence. In 1997, as the long-anticipated handover…

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Camp Arirang

For decades since the Korean War, thousands of Korean women have been working as prostitutes for American soldiers. In CAMP ARIRANG, the filmmakers explore…

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Blue Collar and Buddha

This dramatic documentary explores America’s most recent refugees, struggling against the mounting tension of a post-Viet Nam era filled with guilt and anger. A…

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Beyond Barbed Wire

This exceptional documentary outlines the World War II battlefield accomplishments of the 100th Infantry Battalion/442nd Regimental Combat Team, featuring stories recounted by Japanese Americans…

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Another America

Filmmaker Michael Cho investigates his own family history and tragedy as he explores the Black/Korean conflict in the inner city as illuminated by the…

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