Death of a Shaman

As her father lay dying in a hospital bed, Fahm Saeyang and her siblings gathered around to watch over him. The family’s tradition on…

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China 21

This eye-opening documentary follows four Chinese families as they step into the 21st century. Working without official permits, the filmmakers used compact digital video…

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Calcutta Calling

A white luxury tour bus squeezes its way through a narrow Calcutta alleyway as child beggars claw at the windows. The kids inside the…

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Bui Doi: Life Like Dust

Life for most young Vietnamese youth in the United States is a “life like dust.” This film goes inside the mind of Ricky Phan,…

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Blue Funnel

A contemporary drama set in Liverpool’s Chinese community, BLUE FUNNEL follows Daniel as he tries to send his father’s ashes back to their ancestral…

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The Bhangra Wrap

This energetic documentary reveals a vibrant youth subculture that fuses hip hop, rap and Bhangra music. Based mainly in New York and Toronto, Bhangra…

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A.K.A. Don Bonus

After escaping the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Ny family became one of thousands of refugees faced with resettlement in the U.S. Their lives…

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A Beautiful Blend

In the decades following the Supreme Court’s 1967 decision to end laws making interracial marriage illegal, the United States has witnessed a remarkable increase…

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T.L. XMas/School Daze/Home

Since the early ’90s, the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, based in the Tenderloin district of downtown San Francisco, has integrated video workshops led by…

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