The Price You Pay

Never before has such a large immigrant group come to this country from a region where the U.S. waged and lost a war. This…

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A Nice Arrangement

Set in the London home of an Indian family on the morning of their daughter’s wedding, Chadha takes a wry look at the most…

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Mixed Feelings

Through interviews with five UC Berkeley students and teachers of mixed ethnic heritage, filmmaker Mikko Jokela illuminates the experience of what it is like…

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The Good Son

Traditional ideas about filial piety are challenged in this intimate documentary about a young Filipino American boxer living with his domineering father, a minister….

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Foreign Talk

A Chinese American woman is confronted by two African American men while riding a commuter train. Their verbal exchange first shows the tensions between…

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From the late Kayo Hatta, the director of the award-winning ‘Picture Bride,’ comes FISHBOWL, a comical coming-of-age tale based on Lois-Ann Yamanaka’s novel, ‘Wild…

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Citizen Hong Kong

This multi-layered portrait examines San Francisco filmmaker Ruby Yang’s childhood home in its first year of postcolonial existence. In 1997, as the long-anticipated handover…

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Nightmares of demons and cannibalism plague a young waitress as activists protest Chinese restaurants for killing and preparing live animals. Part ghost story, part…

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Calcutta Calling

A white luxury tour bus squeezes its way through a narrow Calcutta alleyway as child beggars claw at the windows. The kids inside the…

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Bui Doi: Life Like Dust

Life for most young Vietnamese youth in the United States is a “life like dust.” This film goes inside the mind of Ricky Phan,…

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