B is for Bomb

B IS FOR BOMB is a short history of the atomic age. Using archival images, graphics, animation and film, a narrative emerges that begins…

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The Gate of Heavenly Peace

During the spring of 1989, nightly news accounts filmed in Tiananmen Square enthralled viewers worldwide as they watched the largest popular demonstration in modern…

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The Flute Player

Nearly 30 years ago, Pol Pot overtook Cambodia and more than one million people perished in the Khmer Rouge’s brutal “killing fields.” Many others…

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Director Edward Wong explores the nature of political and ideological allegiances as he follows the separate paths taken by two men, Alex Hing and…

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Acting Our Age

With assistance from Gurinder Chadha (‘Bend It Like Beckham’, ‘Bride and Prejudice’), the residents of a home for South Asian British elderly shoot their…

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