Climbing Sacred Mountain


This game is a prototype based on DAUGHTERS OF EVEREST, a feature-length documentary film that follows the first Nepali women’s expedition of the highest peak in the world. The game attempts to subvert the notion that mountain climbing is a male dominated activity and summiting the mountain is the given goal of such an endeavor.

In it’s place, CLIMBING SACRED MOUNTAIN engages players with an interplay between the strong and spunky protagonists showcasing how diverse personalities might consider and react to a variety of obstacles and choices they face. The game mechanics will highlight socially conscious milestones that encourage civic engagement as players journey from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp and towards the summit.

Designed to be both entertaining and educational for middle school kids (especially girls), CLIMBING SACRED MOUNTAIN integrates social gaming, cross-cultural engagement and gender empowerment. An excerpt of DAUGHTERS OF EVEREST can be viewed here.


Look for an interview with Sapana Sakya and Michella Rivera Gravage about Climbing Sacred Mountain on Comcast Video on Demand in the Month of July 2011!

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Sapana Sakya and Michella Rivera-Gravage

Center For Asian American Media


Climbing Sacred Mountain Prototype Demo


Watch CAAM presented Climbing Sacred Mountain at the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival. (Scroll to about 55 mins in)