Perpetual Emotion 102

A THOUSAND BIRDS AND A PAIR OF SHOES Director: Oliver Tan, 1996, 12 mins This film creates a hyper-romantic world where origami cranes symbolize…

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Perpetual Emotion 101

BANGS Director: Carolynne Hew, Canada, 1996, 8 mins “In eight tight minutes, she manages to capture the collision of ancient magic and modern neurosis.”…

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Sisters ‘n’ Brothers

SISTERS ‘N’ BROTHERS Director: Veena Cabreros-Sud, 1994, 4 mins, Experimental Rape. Race. Rap. This is a hard-hitting feminist look at a revolution-gone-awry among postcolonial…

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T.L. XMas/School Daze/Home

Since the early ’90s, the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, based in the Tenderloin district of downtown San Francisco, has integrated video workshops led by…

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