Slaying the Dragon

Although strides have been made to portray Asian American women more accurately, SLAYING THE DRAGON points to the fact that unlike other minorities, Asian…

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The filmmaker’s approach to “Operation Popcorn” – An interview with David Grabias

Operation Popcorn

The Hmong people of Laos were our allies in the Vietnam War; with over 200,000 forced to flee and settle in California as refugees….

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The Golden Spike

Folk musician Charlie Chin narrates this accessible introduction to an important part of Asian American history. Although over 10,000 Chinese immigrants helped build the western half…

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Issei: The First Generation

“Lost” 1984 documentary, rediscovered and restored, about Japanese men and women who, at the turn of the century, immigrated to the West Coast of…

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A Lot Like You

A LOT LIKE YOU takes us on a personal journey into the most vulnerable corners of a family history spanning generations and continents. This…

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