Indian Summer_Still

Indian Summer

INDIAN SUMMER follows Indian American kids aged 9 to 16 at the Hindu Heritage Summer Camp near Rochester, New York as they pursue a…

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Inheritance (2012) is a personal documentary film that illuminates diasporic identity formation in the shadow of Iranian gender politics and the Islamic Revolution. Inside her…

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Sikhs in America

Beautifully shot in high-definition video, this documentary follows Sikh families in Yuba City, Sacramento, Fremont, and Livingston, California. SIKHS IN AMERICA provides a portrait…

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A Dream in Doubt

Four days after the 9/11 attacks, Balbir Singh Sodhi was gunned down at his Phoenix area gas station by a man named Frank Roque….

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Whose Children Are These?

WHOSE CHILDREN ARE THESE? provides a gripping view into the world of three Muslim teenagers affected by post 9/11 domestic anti-terrorism security measures. One…

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When the Storm Came

The women of Kunnan Pushpora trek through the jungle to collect firewood for fuel in the militarized valley nestled at the foothills of the…

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Voices of the Morning

This beautiful video is a meditation on women’s roles as defined by orthodox Islamic laws. Inspired by The Hidden Face of Eve by Nawaal…

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Based on the memoirs of the filmmaker’s grandmother, TURBANS explores the inner struggles of an Asian Indian immigrant family torn between their cultural traditions…

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Abandoned by her family and neglected by her husband, Chandra, a Fijian Indian American, transforms herself from a servile girl into a woman who…

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Saanjh – As Night Falls

In this gripping, award-winning short, by the writer of Monsoon Wedding (a Mira Nair film), a crowded middle-class compartment on an Indian night train…

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Roots in the Sand

ROOTS IN THE SAND is a multi-generational portrait of the nearly to 5,000 Punjabi men who settled in Southern California’s Imperial Valley, just north…

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Punjabi Cab

Since 9/11, Sikhs in America have endured harassment and violence after being mistaken for “terrorists.” Several Sikh taxi drivers in the San Francisco/Bay Area…

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