Out of Poison Tree 2

Out of the Poison Tree

The antidote is truth. On the eve of the long-awaited Khmer Rouge trial, an American survivor of the genocide returns to Cambodia hoping to…

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Sentenced Home

Like many young Cambodian Americans who arrived in the U.S. as refugees in the ’80s, Loeun Lun, Many Uch and Kim Ho Ma hoped…

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Mike Siv has a plan: go to Cambodia with his buddies Paul and David, see the sights, have fun and reunite with his father…

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The Price You Pay

Never before has such a large immigrant group come to this country from a region where the U.S. waged and lost a war. This…

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Monkey Dance

Children of Cambodian refugees – three teens in Lowell, Massachusetts – inhabit a gritty blue-collar world shadowed by their parents’ nightmares of the Khmer…

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The Flute Player

Nearly 30 years ago, Pol Pot overtook Cambodia and more than one million people perished in the Khmer Rouge’s brutal “killing fields.” Many others…

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Animal Appetites

ANIMAL APPETITES is a wry look at the 1989 Long Beach trial of two Cambodian immigrants charged with killing a dog for food. With…

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A.K.A. Don Bonus

After escaping the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Ny family became one of thousands of refugees faced with resettlement in the U.S. Their lives…

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T.L. XMas/School Daze/Home

Since the early ’90s, the Vietnamese Youth Development Center, based in the Tenderloin district of downtown San Francisco, has integrated video workshops led by…

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