SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "day 2: Karma Calling and The Speed of Life"

I think my exhaustion has robbed me of witty headings and my convenient pool of descriptive adjectives. And thank goodness I was an hour early to my personal time-clock because I ended up being just on time for the screening of KARMA CALLING. What I want to know is why not more people came to see this movie. Because, yeah, um, with blatant bias, it rocked.


SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – "Day 2: Good Morning, SFIAAFF"

I’m super new to this film festival ordeal. The only ways I’ve experienced movies are in regular theaters, on a small screen with a few friends, or as a topic of discussion in a classroom. KARMA CALLING was the kind of screening that really makes the festival setting win my heart.


SFIAAFF ‘09 Student Delegate – Fanfare

Opening night for this year’s SFIAAFF at the Castro Theatre was SPECTACULAR and- as naive as it sounds- unlike any experience that I’ve ever had! It really went by in a flash. After finding my seat in the beautiful, ritzy, busy Castro Theatre amongst my fellow delegates, we chatted anxiously about everything going on around us


White on Rice: Uncensored on iChat

Why is this man in a gorilla costume? And where can you get a banana suit? I caught up with David Boyle, the director of White on Rice, to answer these and other deep questions about his new hilarious feature premiering at the 2009 SFIAAFF.

SFIAAFF '09 Student Delegate – Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

By Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

To say I have been looking forward to the SFIAAFF would be a grand understatement. I can think of few things more exciting than to be able to view high-quality Asian-American cinema and have in-depth discussions with others who feel just as passionately as I do about the importance of this medium.