Filmmaker Geeta V. Patel: “CAAM has a very special place in my heart”

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On Wednesday, November 1st, NBC Universal and CAAM hosted a panel to showcase the talents of Asian American women in comedy. WakePlaySlay: Asian American Women in Comedy panelists shared unique stories on their path to success with careers in writing, acting and producing for comedy. One of the panelists, Geeta V. Patel, writer and director of the CAAM-funded documentaries Project Kashmir (funded in 2007) and One in a Billion (funded in 2009), shared her story about how CAAM supported the start of her filmmaking career:

I came out here [Los Angeles] and I worked in drama. And I worked as an assistant for four years. I did production re-writes on like action movies like the Fast and the Furious and Blue Crush and stuff like that. Then, after four years I made a documentary which CAAM funded and CAAM has a very special place in my heart. ” -Geeta V. Patel

Geeta is one of the hundreds of filmmakers whose filmmaking careers have been supported by CAAM since our founding in 1980. Help us transform the careers of more filmmakers by donating $25 or more to our campaign Transforming Careers, Communities & Perspectives by December 31st.


About Geeta V. Patel
Geeta V. Patel (Writer and Director) is known for her emotional, form-pushing, and nontraditional style in both comedy and drama. Geeta is writer/director of the upcoming martial art/political thriller entitled Mouse, and has directed episodes of The Mindy Project, Superstore, Fresh Off The Boat, and Speechless. She previously directed second-unit on Sense 8. Geeta and her brother, Ravi, are writer/directors of the upcoming Fox Searchlight feature film Untitled Patel Project, adapted from their award-winning documentary film, Meet the Patels (ITVS/Tribeca). Follow Geeta on Twitter at @geetavpatel