A Digital Life

Himalayab Youth Voices Project CAAM with Flip Camera

Himalayab Youth Voices Project CAAM with Flip CameraSmall digital video cameras like the Flip and mobile devices with video have become one of the most widely used technology to capture life’s everyday moments, be they frivolous and pointless or life changing, politically charged events that effect a whole country.

For the Himalayan Youth Voices Project, we incorporated these cameras into the workshop giving the participants a less intimidating device but no less powerful with which to craft their own stories. The youth were given broad assignments and challenged to use the cameras as much or as little as they chose. Here are some selects from one of the assignments which asked them to showcase who they are.

Look out for the Himalayan Youth Voices Project at the 30th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in March 2012.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003042146562 Wolf Moon

    I am so excited to see this great piece at the festival. Love the reality of film being used as a tool to empower diverse representations of the human identity!