Student Delegate Blog: Learning and Unlearning!


By Nawneet Ranjan

The lazy Sunday started with the meet up with the filmmaker of SAIGON ELECTRIC. He gave us insight his approach to story telling and how to work with the actors and non-actors.

The afternoon houseful audience for ALMOST PERFECT showed the role and power of the comedy and the content based on the family. The audience is always there for the drama and comedy. These two genre is the most safe bait for any where. This also explains how the mass consuming phenomenon of the urban class is very much based on the face value.

All these stories for me gave us the time to take introspect what to do and and what not to do….

Nawneet is a participant in this year’s Verizon Student Delegate Program

  • Tsui Nat

    The brunch meeting with Stephane Gauger and Anderson Le was extremely informative for me as a beginning filmmaker. They were open and friendly when talking with us about how they got started in Vietnam, what some of the pro’s are for shooting outside the U.S., and the importance of growing your homeland’s cinema. Also, Saigon Electric was the bomb and it was great finding out how Anderson and Stephane financed, cast, directed, shot, and edited this beautifully put-together blockbuster in such a short time. I am still stunned that this program has given us the opportunity to talk to so many people who work in the industry, yet still maintain a clear commitment to their roots. Definitely inspirational!